Our Groove CARE Program – Updated To Save You More

Receive 3 Oil and Filter Changes, 3 Tire Rotations and 3 Multi-Point Safety Inspections for just $130*. 

* Full Synthetic ($170) and Diesel ($210) are extra.

Your vehicle will thank you!

  •        You’ll lower your total yearly maintenance cost
  •        You’ll know your maintenance schedule and will receive reminders for service
  •        You’ll extend your vehicle’s life with regular oil changes
  •        You’ll receive regular car washes that protect your vehicle’s paint
  •        You’ll receive regular tire changes which help to protect tire tread
  •        You’ll know how your car is doing before a larger problem arises with our multi-point inspections

Can I get the Groove CARE Program today?

Yes. Simply schedule a time to see one of our knowledgeable service advisors today and we can get you all set up in no time. Now is the best time to join the Groove CARE Program – your vehicle will thank you.


Denver Subaru Service